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Oleo's Story
by Ruth Ann Eaton

My son Ryan bought Oleo, a full-blooded timber wolf, as a 6-week-old pup on May 6, 1999. About 2 weeks later we noticed that Oleo wasn't eating well. Two days later he was throwing-up and looking VERY sick-he couldn't even stand. An experienced neighbor suspected Parvo and suggested we get to the veterinarian right away. I called Ryan at work and he said to go ahead and that money wasn't a problem.

It was after 5:30 PM so several veterinarians didn't answer, but I finally contacted one 30 minutes away and he said he'd wait for me. Then I called Angelia Pope who is in my Young Living up-line and asked what essential oils she recommended. She suggested seven:

  • ImmuPower for immune system
  • Trauma Life for heart
  • Juniper for kidneys
  • Fennel for digestion and stomach
  • Purification as an antiseptic
  • Cypress for intestinal parasites
  • Lemongrass to relieve swelling

I feel like these oils saved Oleo's life. While my husband drove us to the vet, I rubbed each of these oils on his paws and let him breathe them. I was able to repeat this process about three times.

Tests confirmed Parvo and the vet said all he could do was to give him antibiotics and feed him intravenously through the weekend.

On Monday, Oleo was still alive but his face was beginning to swell and the vet didn't know why. Oleo was in the back of the building in the last pen, hooked-up to an IV and lying there. I sat on the floor, lined-up the oils and began rubbing them into each paw for about an hour. And praying. I realized the if he lived, this would be a miracle wolf. I repeated this ritual three times over the 10 days Oleo was at the vet. I know the people there thought I was crazy for rubbing oils on the paws of this very sick puppy-what a Mom won't do for her kids and their pets!

On the 10th day Ryan was able to see Oleo. The vet suggested putting him to sleep…by this time his face was swollen to twice its normal size, it was beginning to puss and weep and the hair in that area was falling out. But when he saw Ryan his ears perked up and Ryan said he had life in his eyes…like he was saying, "Help me!" Oleo was a real fighter. Ryan paid the bill and took him home.

He was a very sick little wolf-about 13 pounds of skin and bones. I asked Angelia to suggest an emergency health plan. He lived on this formula for about a month:

  • Raw goat milk
  • Fertilized yard eggs
  • Young Living's PowerMeal™
  • A green drink
  • A sunflower/flaxseed/amaranth oil blend

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